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Emscherbeach-Pop-Punk established in 2008

CJ Parker

The 1990′s: People took loving care of their Tamagotchis. People were listening to British pop everywhere and Limp Bizkit reinvented Metal. Moreover, a young, talented and good-looking Pamela Anderson ran through the tides of the Pacific on the TV series Baywatch in the role of Casey Jean Parker (nickname C.J.), mainly in slow motion.

Because the attributes young, talented and good-looking also describe four gentlemen from the Ruhr region, a band was formed in 2008 to honor Pam: CJ Parker. Its members are Chris (bass), Jan (vocals, guitar), Manu (drums) and Arthur (yet another guitar, vocals) and by definition creates Emscherbeach-Pop-Punk – in other words: very good music which is meant to be enjoyed very loud.

Here CJ Parker manages not to sound like just another copy of an American band in this genre but instead creates its own independent sound with catchy melodies in conjunction with intelligent text. It is perfectly suitable for jumping over the coach in your own living room or to not hear the police siren when driving.

Live is Life

One other plus is the fact that the quartet can really bring the energy of its songs to life on stage. The result: an ever-growing fanbase. The jury of experts of the Ruhr region band contest Willi, with a sponsorship of 2000 euros. They picked CJ Parker as their number one choice out of the ten participating bands. Furthermore, Jared Reddick who is the lead singer of the Grammy nominated pop-punk band Bowling For Soup said some very, very nice words about it. You can check it out here (starts approx. at minute 15)

Don’t Drink and Dive

They went to the studio for the first time in 2010. Within one week, the pop punk rockers recorded four songs. This also includes Again. The song was selected by the Eastpak jury as part of a Myspace vote for the 10 best punk rock songs.

In August, 2011 the first self-produced album came out with the hit “Don’t Drink and Drive” as part 13 titles, including a bonus song in German. In August 2014 the second album “Your kids will like it” will be released. Antoher album that future generations will probably mention in the same breath as the Black Album by Metallica. So not everything was bad in the 1990s.


Press views:

“Very good music. If you live in the German area, go check them out. I will definately do so, too” – Jared Reddick of Bowling for Soup

“The first group to go on stage was the pop/punk combo CJ Parker. A very good choice The kicking “Emscher-Beach-Pop-Punk” doesn’t take itself so seriously, is fun and catches the ear quickly.” – André Wielebski (Der Westen)

“Pop Punk […], which sometimes really moves quick! 7 out of 10 points” – Guntram Pintgen Ox-Fanzine