Deutsch (German)

What did you expect when you told me that it’s over
Should I start to cry and promise from now on I stay sober
Did you want to hear from me that I’m sorry for everything I have ever done
Well, let me tell you this, I’ve never been so happy since the day that you were gone

I don’t remember your face, I’ve never loved you anyway
Don’t believe I’m broken, don’t believe in what my friends all say


Only sometimes when I’m all alone at home
Or when I hear our song on the radio
Sometimes when I watch pictures of us on my own
Or when I watch our favorite TV-show
Only sometimes when I can’t fall asleep at night
I still need you by my side

I don’t want you back, I’m sorry it is hard but it is true
I won’t waste my time, with wasting stupid thoughts – thoughts about you
In the minute you broke up, my life became alright
So don’t believe I miss you, don’t think I had a sleepless night

Don’t believe I’ve been sad since the day you’ve said goodbye
And don’t think anything I’m saying here is just another lie


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