Album Release Party

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18. October 2015 · 

Hi folks!

Enchantment under the sea-dance flyer

November 12th, 1955 was the date of the Enchantment under the sea-dance. In honor of it’s 60th birthday we will revive this amazing event on

November 13th, 2015

With support of our breath-taking face-melting buddies Missing Tuesday we will release our new album Your Kids Will Love It on this very date! You must be thinking "Whaaaaat?!" so get your ass up, catch your plane and join us on this exclusive event! I know you can listen to us on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music and stuff from this day on but seriously: let the Ultimate Fan Package slip through your fingers which is exclusively avaliable on pre-sale is kind of dumb, isn’t it?

So join us on November 13th at the EMO Youth Center in Essen! The Ultimate Fan Package including CD and the new shirt is available on pre-sale for only 15 Euro!

Be there or be square!

CJ Parker unplugged

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16. July 2014 · 

Garden of Arts

News ’bout the new album

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27. November 2013 · 

Hey guys,

The year is comming to an end and so is the work for our next studio album. Yeah! Hence, we proudly present our short frequently asked questions:

Q: So, you are about to release a new album. Great, but I haven’t heard your last one yet. Did I miss something?!
A: Yes, you did. But you’re lucky because we’re generous guys! You can download our current release “Don’t Drink and Dive” right here for free.

Q: What exactly does “almost done” mean? I want to listen to it right now!
A: We’re doing our best to get it all on tape (Actually, they don’t use tape anymore but these fancy computer stuff, but you got the idea). We hope everything is ready for mixdown and mastering in February 2014. As you might have expected we will celebrate an amazing and breathtaking record-release-party hopefully in March in Essen (Germany). Location and exact schedule will of cause be announced right here.

Q: You guys are always talkin’ about your “new album”: Don’t you have a name for it?
A: Of course we have, but to build up tension we will keep it secret till release date!

Q: Secret my ass! Can’t you tell anything else ’bout this freakin’ record?
A: Sure! There will be seven songs on it that will presumably become your personal-top-ten-asskickin-rocksongs-of-all-times! The songs titles are 1.21 Gigawatt, Turbulence, Movies, The End of the Rainbow, LMFAO, Chapter One and Maybe Today and boy, they all rock!

Q: Please, don’t tell me that you have evolved with your new record!
A: Come on, that’s not possible: We have evolved to the limit a long time ago.

Q: Thank you so much for the interview!
A: You’re welcome!

CJ Parker goes Studio

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30. September 2013 · 

Good news! What are we talking about: Best news ever: We will hit the studio to record a brand new album. Hooray! This Saturday we are about to record new hits and… let’s face it… having one to several beers to enhance our creativity. Due to the new digital media, Mark Zuckerberg’s interactive platform and our endless demand for attention, we are happy to provide you with exclusive insights on how we turn three chords into music, melodies into anthems and full beer bottles into empty beer bottles.

Hopefully, you can listen to the result at the beginning of 2014. We are planning to release five to seven songs. Stay tuned and check out our awasome Facebook fanpage to see how the magic is happening.

CJ Parker

Videa killed the Radio Star

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30. September 2013 · 

Check out this lyric video to our song ”Go!”. Feel free to comment, applaud, sing along, recommend it for an MTV-Movie-Award and to others, like, share or simp, just watch!!